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Your puppy deserves the best start in life…

Welcome to Positive Puppy School!

Your puppy wants to grow up to be a ‘good dog’

You want your new family member to reach their full potential – well-behaved and friendly with people and other dogs.  Our mission is to help you and your pup develop strong foundations for a great dog-owner relationship that will last the lifetime of your dog.

Positive Puppy School classes are held at Reservoir Reserve, Grange Rd, Kew on Sunday mornings from 8.30am.

Enrolment is $125  – each Puppy Class is $25.

5-Class Puppy Passes can be purchased for $100.

Updates to Sunday class structure & times2018-11-15T12:40:52+00:00

1.  New Start Times

  • 8.30 – 9.20 Puppy Intro, 1 & 2
  • 9.30 – 10.20 Lifestyle Intro, L1 & Puppy 3
  • 10.30 – 11.20 Lifestyle 2, 3, Social & Obedience

2.  More Trainers & Smaller Classes

3.  Specialised Workshops to meet specific needs

New format starts Sunday 23rd September 2018.


Clear training goals and four levels to graduate give you and your puppy a ‘road map’ for your first months together.


Safe interaction with people and other puppies sets your dog up for a lifetime of great behaviour at home and around the neighbourhood.


Our team are with you all the way.  When you attend Puppy School, you also get access to 1-on-1 Sunday sessions and online support through our Facebook group.

Five Star Rated Dog Trainers

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Positive Puppy School Curriculum

Level 1 – Foundation Training2018-07-30T13:49:37+00:00
  • Teaching the Sit command
  • Teaching the Down command
  • Name game – teaching to respond to name
  • Manual handling
  • Recall
  • Social walking
  • Stopping jumping
  • Socialisation exercises
  • Tricks
  • Question and answer time
Level 2 – Putting It All Together2018-07-30T13:55:48+00:00
  • Building on the Sit
  • Building on the Down
  • Manual handling
  • Recall
  • Mat training
  • Leave it
  • Social walking
  • Introduction to heeling foundations
  • Proper use of equipment and fitting alternative equipment if needed
  • Introduction to positive reinforcement marker
  • Introduction of a marker for bad behaviour
  • Focus and engagement exercises
  • Socialisation exercises
  • Variable reinforcement as indicated
  • Tricks and Q&A
Level 3 – Intermediate Obedience2018-07-30T13:58:28+00:00
  • Improving reliability of the Sit – duration, distance, distraction
  • Improving reliability of the Down – duration, distance, distraction
  • Introduction to Stand
  • Recall – formal and informal
  • Mat training
  • Leave it
  • Ensuring reliability of the social walking
  • Heeling
  • Socialisation exercises
  • Focus and engagement exercises
  • Q&A and tricks
Level 4 – Lifestyle Obedience2018-07-30T14:02:08+00:00
  • Sit – Improving reliability
  • Sit for exam
  • Down -– Improving reliability
  • Building on the Stand
  • Formal recall
  • Informal recall
  • Mat training
  • Leave it
  • Social walking
  • Heeling
  • Focus and engagement exercises
  • Socialisation exercises
  • Variable reinforcement
  • Introduction of positive reinforcement marker

Puppies of Positive K9

Let’s help your puppy be awesome!

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