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We’re here to help you build a great relationship with your dog, where you’re in control and your dog is well-behaved and reliable.  We aim to help you truly understand their pet’s behaviours and motivations.  We’re working towards a harmonious relationship where your dog gets to become the best version of themselves!

Our 5 Star Dog Training Program has been developed through working with hundreds of Melbourne dog owners and their pets over years of training.  It’s hugely gratifying to see approach to dog training having such a positive impact!

Myself and my awesome team of dog trainers look forward to meeting you and your dog.

Chris Loverseed and Koda

Chris Loverseed – Head Trainer

The training program for superstar dogs!

Behavioural Assessment

The first stage of the program is an assessment of your dog’s history and behavioural traits which will be used to tailor your In-home Training Session.

In-Home Training

Your dog’s first training session will be in your home – a place that is familiar and with minimal distractions. This allows us to effectively address any behaviour and provides you with training guidelines that you can easily use every day.  This session may also include on-leash training around your local streets.

Group Obedience Class

With your first in-home session complete, your dog should be ready to attend Group Obedience Classes.  These weekly classes allow for fun and safe socialisation with other dogs (and owners) who are all working towards similar training goals.  There are four levels to the Lifestyle Obedience curriculum, from beginner through to advanced, giving you and your dog some big goals to aim for.

Professional Advice & Support

Training your dog is likely to bring up some interesting challenges!  As a member of the 5 Star Training Program, you can always get answers from our team of professional trainers.

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This class is designed to get the best out of your dog, to give you a better understanding as well as having your dog be a pleasurable part of your life.

Designed to give you the skills and your dog the skill needed to be a reliable and loveable companion that is a safe and trusted within your family and in social environments. This curriculum will also cover the foundations of k9 learning, to help you create a dog that is willing and able to learn.

PK9 Lifestyle Obedience Training consists of:

Level 1 – Covering foundations, proper socialisation & teaching your dog reliable basics.

Level 2 – Building on Level 1 achievements to develop reliable behaviour in your dog.

Level 3 – Introduction to formal obedience and increasing reliability under distraction.

Level 4 – Proofing your dog’s obedience, so you can feel confident taking your dog into any situation whilst maintaining full control and off leash obedience.

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The very best way to overcome obedience and behavioural issues in your dog is professional training in your home.

Preemptive training will help to avoid problems before they occur while behaviour modification will address any long standing issues. In home dog training is your ticket to a happy, obedient dog!

No two dogs are the same, so our in home dog training and behaviour sessions are tailored to the needs of your dog as an individual. During your session, we will first discuss your dog’s history, view the behaviour being shown and establish why it is occurring. We will then work through the problems you’re facing, focusing on educating and giving you the skills needed to restore harmony between you and your dog.

Behavioural Training Program

For dogs with serious behavioural problems, we offer our Behavioural Training Program. Overcoming serious behaviour issues requires a holistic approach – one that addresses the underlying causes, not just the symptoms.

Please contact us to discuss behavioural training and book your initial session.

Meet the Positive K9 Dogs

We’re so proud of our puppies (and their owners) and the awesome results they’re getting.  Hear from Rick and Zeus about their experience with the Positive K9 Training 5-Star Dog Package.

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