5-Star Dog Training in Melbourne

5-Star Dog Training in Melbourne

“Owning a dog can be a hugely rewarding experience and we are here to help Melbourne dog owners enjoy a positive relationship with their dogs.  Depending on your training goals, we have a range of options to choose from, ranging from puppy training and dog behaviour modification through to competition training.  Our team of experienced trainers are here to educate, teach and support you to develop your dog to his or her full potential and achieve great results!”

The best start in life for your puppy!

Obedience training for dogs 6 months+

Social & structured obedience training.

Find your dog’s true potential!

Support from exceptional dog trainers

As long as I can remember, I could be found with a dog and lead in hand. I have had a lifelong interest in the way dogs act, and have constantly wanted to bring the best out of every pet.  The trainers at Positive K9 Training are experienced and dedicated to getting great results for you as a dog owner.

“I’m really proud of the team and the results we’re getting for Melbourne’s dog owners!”

Chris Loverseed – Head Dog Trainer

Chris & Koda

5 Star Puppy Training Package

Give your puppy the best possible start in life!

5 Star Puppy Package is for puppies between 8 weeks – 6 months old and has been designed to build the strong foundations for long term term success.  We will work with you to help you find peace of mind on your new journey and provide a clear direction for progress with your training.  We start with in-home puppy training before starting at Positive K9 Training Puppy School.

In Home Dog Training

The ultimate training package for dogs over 6 months of age!

You and your dog get an in-home session tailored to your specific needs. This can be followed by group obedience classes to build on skills learned in your in-home session.  This package is designed to provide everything you need to help your dog become a safe and trusted member of your family.

Positive Puppy School

Structure, Socialisation & Support – For Puppies & Their Owners

Positive Puppy School provides clear training goals and the opportunity to graduate through four levels of training.  It gives you and your puppy a ‘road map’ for your first months together.  Classes are held on Sunday mornings at Reservoir Reserve in Kew.

Behaviour Modification

For dogs with serious behavioural problems, we offer our Behavioural Training Program. Overcoming serious behaviour issues requires a holistic approach – one that addresses the underlying causes, not just the symptoms. Please contact us to discuss behavioural training and book your initial session.

K9 Competition Training

As competition trainers ourselves, we understand the demands of this discipline. We’re here to help you to reach the full potential of your handler-dog team’s competitive abilities in a trial/competition scenario.  We also provide training for professional working dogs.

Meet our awesome dog trainers!

In the time that Positive K9 Training have been providing puppy training and dog training in Melbourne, the team has grown from Head Trainer Chris Loverseed to the current team of eight dog trainers.  Together, we provide in-home dog training throughout Melbourne’s Northern and Eastern suburbs, some Eastern rural suburbs and the Mornington Peninsula.  Our Sunday classes are held at Reservoir Reserve in Kew each Sunday where all eight trainers help dogs and their owners progress through four levels of obedience and lifestyle training.

“I’m really proud of the team and the results we’re getting for Melbourne’s dog owners!” – Chris

Chris Loverseed – Head Dog Trainer

In Home Dog TrainingDog Behaviour ModificationK9 Competition Training

“I love seeing the results that we get for people and their dogs!”

I have a balanced approach when it comes to working with dogs. As long as I can remember, I could be found with a dog and lead in hand. I have had a lifelong interest in the way dogs act, and have constantly wanted to bring the best out of every pet.  Read more about Chris >


In Home Puppy TrainingPuppy SchoolDog Obedience Training

“Rescue dogs are my soft spot, I really enjoy the opportunity to be able to rehabilitate a dog…”

Sandy has completed a wide range of dog training programs, including NDTF Cert III in Dog Behaviour and Training, K9 Noseworks Seminar – Chews, Foster Carer Seminar with Trish Harris and Lets Play Tricks 3 day workshop with Julija Kinghorn & Amanda Murcott.  She brings a wealth of knowledge to the Positive K9 Training team and you’ll likely meet her at one of our Sunday Puppy School or dog lifestyle obedience classes. Read more about Sandy >


In Home Puppy TrainingPuppy SchoolDog Obedience Training

“I love dog obedience more than any other training discipline – although tracking is up there.   I particularly love precision and competition dog obedience.”

Ebony has completed the Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training with the National Dog Trainers Federation and attended a wide range of programs on canine nutrition, precision obedience and how to deal with dog aggression.

When she’s not training dogs in Melbourne homes or at Positive Puppy School, Ebony also writes for the PK9 blog.  You’ll find her top tips for new puppy owners and insight on elements of dog psychology and how it can be used to be a better dog owner.  Read more about Ebony >


In Home Puppy TrainingPuppy SchoolDog Obedience Training

“Make sure that you and your furry friend are always enjoying training.”

Originally from Germany, Birte was inspired at a young age by watching a neighbour train German Shepherds as police dogs. Extensive training education and teaching experience in both Germany and Australia make Birte a real asset to the Positive K9 Training team.  Read more about Birte >


Puppy SchoolDog Obedience Training

“I love any form of training which involves dogs using their natural senses, instincts and abilities – such as scent detection and agility.”

Originally from England, Jo is passionate about everything to do with dogs.  Her calm and consistent approach consistently gets great results at Positive Puppy School and in our Lifestyle Dog Obedience Classes.  Jo has attended the following dog training and k9 behaviour programs:  Amichien Bonding Foundation course & NDTF Cert III Dog Training & Behaviour, Training With Clarity Seminar (The K9 Company), Dog Behaviour Seminar; Animal Aid, Coldstream.  Read more about Jo >


Puppy SchoolDog Obedience Training

“I am most interested in dog obedience.  I prefer a dog that is well behaved, rather than one that does tricks.”

With brilliantly practical advice, Nicki helps dog owners and our Obedience Classes develop skills that allow them to safely navigate their neighbourhood (loose leash walking, of course) and socialise with other dogs and people along the way.  Nicki’s top piece of advice for dog owners… Breathe and relax!  If you get frustrated while training, just stop for a while.  Dogs feel the tension and you’ll likely get better results when you’re calm.  Read more about Nicki >


Dog Obedience Training

“It’s great to see the owners in class develop such strong relationships with their dogs!”

Geraldine brings years of experience to the team – in dog obedience training and K9 competition training.  She has a no-nonsense approach that gets great results.  You’ll find her in training groups of particularly obedient dogs (and owners) at Sunday classes.  Read more about Geraldine >

Max (Makoto)

Puppy SchoolDog Obedience Training

“I love being surrounded by lots of dogs and doggie people and talking about dogs as much as I want!”

Max has attended a range of training education in dog aggression, scent tracking and first aid – as well as a NDTF Cert lll in Dog Behaviour & Training.  Max’s top advice for dog owners is to work on your own behaviour first – If you want your dog to be calm, you have to be a calm person first.  He also suggests that you brush your dogs teeth every day.  Read more about Max >