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Puppy Training

Recall – Adding Distractions

Puppy Training- Managing Expectations

Puppy Socialisation – Equipment

Teach Your Puppy Their Name

Bed Place


Down lesson 2

Lira playground

Loose lead

Manual handling

Markers and communication Pet

Noodle the Cavoodle lesson 1

Puppy Touch tub

Release command



Socialisation/Habituation- Working On Handler Focus Around Dogs

Recall & Long Line Use

Set Your Puppy Up For Success Webinar

Set Your Puppy Up For Success Webinar
Everything you need to know to get started with raising and training your puppy

The Rules Of Engagement Webinar

The Rules Of Engagement Videos-

Learn the foundations of taking your training to the next level

Training Equipment

Dog Training Equipment

Dog Training Equipment

General training/Concepts

Encouraging Calm


Developing a Training Partnership with Another Owner

Problem Solving Luring

Manual Handling

Conditioning an e-Collar

Engagement & Obedience in Reactivity

Muzzle Conditioning

Relationship Building

Multi Dog Households

Adding Consequences

Dealing With Off Leash Dogs

Conditioning a Behaviour to a Stimulus

Door Manners

Free Shaping

Recall & Long Line Use

Physio and Prehab

Injury prevention and warm up with Dog physio Pearl Cazabon

Pet Dog Obedience Commands And Positions

Obedience Positions Foundations and Movement

The 3 Ds of Dog Training Positions and Proofing

Positions at a Distance

Mat Training – Initial stages in the house

Mat Training – Proofing Under High Distraction

Pet Dog Walking and Leash Manners

Loose Leash Walking

Loose Leash Walking 1st lesson Storm

Precision Obedience Puppy Foundations

Joker 8-12 weeks

Puppy Touch Tub- Rear End Awareness

Precision Obedience- Engagement and Drive

Playing with a Non-Toy Motivated Dog

Playing with Your Dog Being a Matador

Two Tug Introduction with Gaddafi

Structured Play- Ball on a rope

Engagement on cue

Teaching The Out

Precision Obedience Foundation Concepts

Trial Preparation

Intro to Food Luring And Chasing

Intro Indirect and Direct rewards

Rear End Awareness- Touch Tub, Spins- Walking Backwards

Reward Placement

Introduction to Pressure On The Hold- Gaddafi 1st lesson

Luring Techniques

Precision Obedience Positions

Straight Positions – Problem Solving

Fading the Lure in the Front Position

Stands- Problem Solving & Progressing

Gaddafi Intro to Leash pressure for positions

Intro Front Positions and Formal Recall

Intro Leash pressure

Positions in Motion

Precision Obedience Heeling

Introduction to the Return to Heel

Between Position

Intro Heeling with Luring

Gaddafi Heel Trouble Shoting- Stick Intro

Gaddafi Heel Trouble Shoting- Ball and Stick

Precision Obedience Heeling

The Retrieve – A Comprehensive Guide

Scent Work

Article Indications – A Discussion

Article puppy

Article 1st session- Joker 12 weeks

Koda Articles 1st session

Lira 2nd scent pad

Tracking Foundations: Step 1

Kovacs Ninja BH IPO3 IGP 3 FH-V

2016 Club trial IPO 2 Obedience

2016 Club Trial IPO 1 Protection

2016 Courage test

2016 Nationals First IPO3 Obedience

2016 Nationals First IPO3 Protection

Nina 2017 IPO3 Protection Club Trial

Nina 2017 IPO3 Obedience Club Trial

2017 Nationals IPO3 Obedience

2017 Nationals IPO3 Protection

2017 Nationals Tracking

2018 Nationals IPO3 Obedience

2018 Nationals IPO3 Protection DQ Bum bite

2019 Nationals Obedience

2019 Nationals Protection

Cass and Lira

Scent Pad

Building Focus in the Basic Position

Article Indication

Manual Handling Basics

Exposure and Socialisation: Playground

Loose Leash Walking: New Environment

Body Awareness and Positions

Article Indication (1/2)

Article Indication 2/2

Reward Thresholds & Impulse Control

Desensitisation: Blow Dryer (Session 1)

Desensitisation: Blow Dryer (Session 2)

Desensitisation: Blow Dryer (Session 3)

Desensitisation: Blow Dryer (Session 4)

Desensitisation: Blow Dryer (Session 5)

Manual Handling: Brushing

Article Indication

Manual Handling: Nail Clippers

Manual Handling: Nail Clippers

Loose Leash Walking: Distractions

Body Awareness: Turns

Manual Handling: Manipulation & Cooperation (1/2)

Manual Handling: Manipulation & Cooperation (2/2)

Focused Heeling: Adding Turns

Movement Patterns: Sit, Down, Stand

Loose Leash Walking (1/2)

Loose Leash Walking (2/2)

Passive Engagement with Distractions

Focused Heeling (1/2)

Focused Heeling (2/2)

Scent Pad

Body Awareness: Moving Backwards

Footstep Tracking

Free Shaping: Front Position

Building Lira’s Bark

Focused Heeling

Manual Handling: Nail Clippers

Free Shaping: Hold

Position Changes

Body Awareness: Touch Tub

Moving Backwards: Adding Duration and Speed

Engagement: Adding Distractions

Teaching the Blinds: First Session

Manual Handling: Nail Care (Dremel)

Positions: Adding Verbal Cues

Positions: Adding Verbal Cues

Manual Handling

Basic Position: Building Muscle Memory

Teaching the Blinds: Tight Corners and Correct Movement Patterns

Teaching the Hold: Dowel with Rope

Live Training Videos

Live Training Storm and Ninja

Live Training- Gaddafi- Heeling, Two Tug, Forced hold

Live Q & A sessions

Live Q & A Pearl Animal Physio

Live Q & A Vet Chloe and Bailey.TheLabradoodle

Trainer Tuesday PK9 LIVE- Sit back and have a drink with us and get to know the PK9 Team

Preventing and Addressing Behaviour Problems

Destructive behaviour
Pushiness/barging through
Stealing food
Enrichment, stimulation, appropriate outlets

Client Training sessions

Puppy return to heel- First session

Puppy Impulse

Dog Reactivity

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Protection Work Skills

Watch / Focus on helper and target

Teaching Targeting For The Escape