Congratulations Nicki and Bella

A huge shout out and congratulations again to Nicki and Bella who have successfully graduated and passed through all levels of training, achieving a life membership. The team at Positive K9 Training are extremely proud of all the work Nicki has put in with Bella.

For a while Bella had her fair share of issues in relations to being around other dogs, but with Nicki’s commitment and dedication to training, Bella has been able to overcome all her issues and is even able to socialise with puppies and dogs with no issues. Bella also has had to achieve an extremely high level of obedience to achieve her membership, with Nicki having the skills and confidence to handle Bella in any situation.

To successfully graduate and achieve life time membership, Bella with her handler Nicki had to meet all of our pass requirements which can be view on our dog obedience training page.

You can read more about Nicki and Bella’s dog training journey below.

Dog Training With Bella

Bella’s Journey

We welcomed our beautiful GSD Bella into our family in early May 2013.  Approx 2 weeks later, we started our 1st “puppy class” at our local vet, where we met our trainer Chris Loverseed from Positive K9 Training.

It was quite a shock when the next puppy turned up & Bella lunged at the pup in what to me was an aggressive manner.  Although we didn’t know it at the time, this would be a problem that would dominate Bella’s training for the next 16 months.

Chris was extremely knowledgeable and helpful during this initial 6 weeks of training.  We decided that as Bella seemed to have a bit of an issue with other dogs, that we would continue her training with Chris & Positive K9.

We turned up the following weekend for training…..oh WOW, what an eye opener.  Bella thought she could take on every dog in the park!!  We also got to meet the other wonderful trainers. We continued our classes almost every week, but were mindful to keep about 2 meters between Bella & any other dog.

As the months went on, Chris would also go above & beyond by calling me to let me know he was taking his gentle giant Koda to the park if we wanted to join them to get Bella comfortable with another (chilled) dog.

Through a lot of work, the Positive K9 trainers finally got us to the point that at the end of August 2014, Bella & I finally graduated!

Bella is now able to go for a walk to our local cafe & sit quietly outside & pretty much ignore other dogs that might pass by.  I can also take her to the park & know that if another dog comes up to confront her (which usually sets her off), she will come back when called.  I certainly trust her a lot more now & even allow my teenage son to walk her.

Bella’s training is not over & we will continue her training with the support & guidance of Chris & his trainers at Positive K9 Training

Dog Training With Bella