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Working Puppy Training in Melbourne

Working Puppy TrainingAt Positive K9 we understand how important early development and imprinting is for producing great working dogs, but also how time consuming it can be. So we have developed puppy raising programs from 8 weeks to 6 months which can be tailored to suit your needs.

Programs can be tailored to suit your needs, some of what we can offer is listed below:

  • Drive development
  • Intensive socialisation and environmental exposure
  • Odour imprinting
  • Tracking foundations
  • Introduction to marker training

Industry referals avaliable via request.

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We regularly have a long waiting list for dog talent handling classes and private dog training so we suggest getting in early to avoid disappointment. To make a booking for you and your dog, you can call us on 0403 727 981, email or book online.

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