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In Home Training For PuppiesIn Home Puppy Training in Melbourne

When you want to give your puppy the absolute best start in life, there is no better option than in home training with a professional puppy trainer.

A combination of one on one training in your home as well as socialisation in your neighborhood will ensure that they grow into an obedient dog and a valuable part of your family.

The true value of the Positive K9 approach is not only that we train your puppy, but that we give you the skills needed to train them yourself, ensuring effective and timely results. Our in home training program, will involve Head Trainer Chris Loverseed creating a tailored program for your puppy’s temperament and the needs of your family.

This will ensure that future training of your beloved puppy will be easier, cost effective and above all allow you to establish a loving relationship with them.

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We regularly have a long waiting list for groups classes and private dog training so we suggest getting in early to avoid disappointment. To make a booking for you and your dog, you can call us on 0403 727 981, email or book online.

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Experienced & qualified puppy trainer

With a National Dog Trainers Federation qualification, years of experience with hundreds of happy dogs and owners, Chris and Positive K9 Training are your best choice for professional puppy training. Find out more more about Chris here.

Positive K9 Training takes in home puppy training seriously, due to the importance of establishing foundation behaviours early on that will last with your puppy a life time. This critical time period and the quality of training they receive early on, can define the success of your relationship with them and how they develop later in life. Head Trainer Chris Loverseed in the comfort of your own home and at a time of your convenience, will teach you how to manage the specific needs of your new puppy.

Puppy obedience training

In Home Puppy Trainer MelbourneRight now is also the best time to start obedience training with your young puppy as it is never too early to start training, by starting early you can ensure the lessons learnt now have a lasting and POSITIVE experience.

During our comprehensive in home training service we will be begin to implement and teach you how to:

  • Stop and prevent unwanted behaviour
  • How to correctly socialise your new puppy
  • Toilet training
  • Body language and its meanings
  • Foundation obedience- creating a working and understanding relationship
  • Why your puppy does what it does
  • Sleeping and Feeding arrangements
  • Nipping, Mouthing or biting

Puppy socialising

The first few months of your puppies life are the most critical for learning and development, At this stage of life (8-16 weeks) your puppy’s brain is a sponge absorbing as much information about this strange world as possible, by exposing your puppy to all the wonders of the world at a young age in a safe and controlled environment you can rest assured you will have a confident dog.

Testimonials from happy puppy owners

The best part of our training puppies is seeing how happy both the dog and the owner are once we’re done. It’s always great to hear from people who are enjoying being a dog owner as a result of their puppy training sessions. Below is one testimonial we’ve received and you can read more on our testimonials page.

Extremely happy with the results

We have been using Chris Loverseed’s service to raise some of our puppies prior to having them sent up to NSW. The complex task of puppy raising is a skill that can go horribly wrong in the hands of unskilled people, resulting in disastrous long term results. Chris has consistently delivered our puppies as confident, well balanced and sociable dogs who have benefitted tremendously from a terrific head start.

We have been extremely happy with the results we have seen from Chris and would recommend him to anyone looking to improve their canine relationship.

Written by: Glenn Cooke

General Manager of Operations

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Date published: 13/02/2013
5 / 5 stars

Positive K9 Training on Youtube

The videos below showcase our in home training for puppies and dogs as well as some group training sessions. You can watch more of our videos on our Youtube channel.

Melbourne puppy training service areas

We offer in home puppy training in Melbourne’s Northern and Eastern suburbs. The map below shows our regular service areas.

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