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Dog Boarding & Training

Dog Board & Training Melbourne

At Positive K9 Training, we offer a unique and very personalised service for you and your four legged friend.

Let us teach your dog some manners while they have a relaxing holiday in the home of the head trainer of Positive K9.

Your dog will receive one on one training in a home environment tailored to suit your needs. This is a great alternative to boarding kennels, which can leave your dog rather stressed.

About our dog board service

Our dog boarding and training program allows dogs to strive by living a structured lifestyle which removes bad habits and puts a great routine in place.

Your dog will live in our trainers home and be part of the family, they will also have appropriate dog to dog play in a controlled environment so they can learn proper canine etiquette.

The program is based on teaching your dog good behaviour and correcting/stopping the not so good behaviours. When teaching your dog any new skill, consistency is key so by having a short stay with one of our trainers you can ensure the training is consistent and appropriate behaviour is learnt.

Our programs range from 1 – 4 weeks all depending on your situation and are tailored to suit your needs.

All dogs are are returned to your home at the end of their stay, where there will be an extensive handover to ensure that all members of the family can be consistent with the handling of your dog.