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Dog obedience training graduate- Bella the German Shepherd

Congratulations Nicki and Bella A huge shout out and congratulations again to Nicki and Bella who have successfully graduated and passed through all levels of training, achieving a life membership. The team at Positive K9 Training are extremely proud of all the work Nicki has put in with Bella. For a while Bella had her fair share of issues in relations to being around other dogs, but with Nicki's commitment and dedication to training, Bella has been able to overcome all her issues [...]

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You need the training, not the dog

“I don’t need training, the dog does” If you ever want to get off to a bad start with a professional dog trainer, just make sure you repeat those words and i can guarantee there will be very few that will want to work with you. I have recently lost a few prospective clients, as they became rather offended when I hinted to the fact that it is them who needs the training to learn how to effectively manage and [...]

Puppy Training- Why you need to avoid the “4 week” Puppy school trap

We call it a trap, as its lulls new puppy owners into a false sense of security that their puppy will be trained after four weeks. During these courses you will teach your puppy how to sit,drop etc, toilet training, puppy socialisation, grooming, feeding, biting and the list goes on. To be honest, I can’t blame the new owners for buying into this, I mean $100-$200 4-6 weeks later and their puppy is apparently finished training, it almost sounds to [...]

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Dog obedience training Balwyn, Kew and Camberwell Class update

Dog obedience training class update As some of you may have noticed there have been a few changes and new faces to group class on Sunday mornings. It has taken a while, but we are now consistently growing in numbers and attendance at class on Sundays and to keep our promise of no more than 10 dogs/handlers per instructor so we can continue to offer a personalized service, we are in the process of adding a few new members to [...]

Nervous Nelly- Golden Retriever dog training Eaglemont

Post by Positive K9 Training. I recently had the pleasure of meeting Nelly and her family, during an In home dog training session in Eaglemont. She was a beautiful dog to work with and once we understood the cause of her anxieties, we where easily able to help her overcome them. One of her biggest fears was visiting Eaglemont village, any sudden noise or movement would send her into a frenzy, as she had a few bad experiences there when [...]

How to find a good dog trainer in Melbourne

With so much marketing hype and misinformation around dog training and behaviour modification these days, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. What you need to know is what is the best choice for you and your dog.  Any training you do with your dog and a professional dog trainer is an investment so it’s important that you’re able to make informed decisions that will save you both time and money in the long run. The Melbourne dog training scene has recently [...]

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Puppy training tips- How to stop my puppy from jumping?

When dealing with any unwanted dog behaviour or action, I always like to first understand WHY the behaviour is being performed and what the dog is trying to accomplish from doing so. Once you understand why your puppy is jumping, teaching them not to jump is relatively simple with a consistent training plan. So why does my puppy jump on people? In my experience I have found the most common reason why dogs jump, is due to the behaviour being [...]

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Puppy training tips- How to stop my puppy from biting?

Puppies biting, is a commonly faced issue by all new puppy owners and one that we are commonly contacted about to help rectify. When bringing home a puppy, it is unrealistic to expect them not to want to explore the world with their mouths, just as young children like to grab everything with their hands; puppies like to do the same with their mouths. So how to stop my puppy from biting? One of the first steps to stopping your [...]

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How to prepare your dog for a new baby

I recently did a private dog training session in Caulfield, with a fantastic family who were being proactive with preparing their dog’s for the arrival of new addition to the family. I always love working with dog and puppy owners who take an active approach towards their dog’s behaviour concentrating on teaching good habits instead of having to fix bad behaviour further down the track. Dog obedience training When you are introducing a new addition to the family, the first [...]

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In Home Puppy Training in Hawthorn

I recently had the pleasure of working with Klara, a Black Russian Terrier puppy, and her family during an in-home training session. During our training session we covered all the basics and essentials such as- being calm inside the house, toilet training, teaching both the puppy and children how to interact appropriately, waiting to be released at doors and gates, coming when called and walking on a loose leash. As Klara is a Black Russian Terrier and was already bigger than most fully [...]

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